Oracle Books

Oracle Books


Oracle PL/SQL Programming by Steven Feuerstein


  • That's a good book
  • Well worth the investment
  • Wonderful book for pl/sql practitioners. Don't worry about cost. Must have book for people who is interested in coding in general.
  • A must have book for all PL/SQL developers or who ever is associated with Oracle procedural extension of SQL.


Expert One-on-One Oracle by Thomas Kyte


  • This book belongs on every developer, team leader, or DBAs desk that works with Oracle.
  • Tom Kyte's book is simply awesome. Every time I read another chunk of it, I learn something new. His depth and breadth of understanding is amazing.
  • It's full of detailed explanations and examples. The best thing about Tom Kyte's writing is that his examples work!
  • This book is fun to read! If there were a Pulitzer Prize for technical writing, it would go to Tom.


Effective Oracle by Design (Osborne ORACLE Press Series) by Thomas Kyte


  • This book delivers the clear insight before delving into intricate details on a good selection of topics that are critical to those concerned with designing and implementing high performance database solutions.
  • Another great Kyte's book which is for database designer to learn how to design and build high performance db application.
  • While this book was written a few years ago the basic information in it is still outstanding. I highly recommend this book to all Oracle developers and DBAs.
  • Very lucid language.
  • A great book written by a great author. If you really want to become a true professional in database systems, this is for sure one of the books you should read.
  • It's well organized and clear, and extremely helpful for your professional knowledge.


Oracle Database 12c The Complete Reference (Oracle Press) by Bob Bryla and Kevin Loney


  • This book is very good. I bought the hardcover volume and I am very glad with it
  • The content of the book is excellent and it’s clearly explanation
  • Very detailed, and easy to understand
  • A complete publication about Oracle 12c
  • Excellent as an introduction to 12 C


Oracle Database 12c Release 2 New Features by Bob Bryla and Robert G. Freeman


  • As usual a very informative book from Bob Bryla.
  • A necessary updating for the latest OCP 12c exam version.
  • This book covers the 12cR2 new features very nicely...It is neither too detailed and nor too light...Good job Bob and Robert !!
  • This book is right on point. It is a happy medium between overview and deep dive, and I highly recommend it.
  • Great book, gave me inside to changes in ORACLE database. IT's written like for me, same language I can understand.


Beginning Oracle Database 11G Administration: From Novice to Professional by Iggy Fernandez


  • I am using this book for a course on beginning DB administration. I have found it quite useful, not only for Oracle, but for admin concepts overall.
  • This book helped me get a good understanding of oracle databases.
  • This book is for newbies who want to learn the art of database administration.
  • So far this book is great, I got one from the same authors for 10g, great book! Love the book!
  • Fair introduction to oracle 11 administration
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