PERL Books

PERL Books


Learning Perl, 5th Edition by Tom Phoenix, Randal Schwartz, and Brian foy


  • This is an excellent book for someone wanting to learn Perl who already has some exposure to programming in general.
  • This is a very good book for beginners; it guides the reader from the most basics steps in Perl to a medium level.
  • This book is very helpful for learning Perl with some programming background.
  • Very good book starting with the basics and moving up to more advanced topics.
  • This book is a great starting point for Perl 5 programming, Brian d foy covers the basics masterfully, giving you a great boost into the language.

Programming Perl, 3rd Edition by Tom Christiansen, Jon Orwant, and Larry Wall


  • This book is _the_ book to get when you want to get serious about Perl.
  • Larry Wall is the Perl Master. I used this book to learn Perl.
  • This is the definitive book on Perl.
  • An excellent book on Perl, written by the author of Perl himself.
  • Comprehensive guide to perl programming.
  • Great book for beginners and experienced programmers.


Intermediate Perl by Tom Phoenix, Randal Schwartz, and Brian Foy


  • This is a good book, especially if you are doing a training session about Perl.
  • This book has advanced my knowledge of perl better than any other!
  • This is a good book for anyone to learn perl by yourself.
  • This is a great reference book for Perl.
  • Everything is explained very well and there are plenty of examples. It really is ideal for self study.


Beginning Perl 1st Edition by Curtis Poe


  • One of the best Perl books out there.
  • Everyone on my team read this book and now they are doing Perl - Awesome!
  • Really good book in my opinion, one of the newest today, this is a very important thing because Perl is involving very quickly.
  • As a beginner, I found this book to be well-written and a great resource for the money.
  • This is a great book covering all of the current best practices on perl in an easy and enjoyable form.


Modern Perl by Chromatic


  • This book is enjoyable, informative, and it reacquainted me with my old friend Perl.
  • Mostly excellent advice on how to write programs in Perl in the 'modern way.
  • An excellent book that covers exactly what the title says.
  • Excellent concise book with a lot of references to external sources.
  • This book is Perl's new bible. It is by far the clearest Perl overview, explaining the logic behind the language's features.
  • This book is fantastic: as a guide to modern Perl programming, there is nothing better.


Higher-Order Perl: Transforming Programs with Programs by Mark Jason Dominus


  • It is a great book about higher-order programming, which happens to use Perl to illustrate these concepts.
  • For serious Perl programmers, Higher Order Perl is a must-read book.
  • Probably the best advanced Perl book.
  • Good book, for people with computer science background! otherwise a little hard to understand the algorithm.
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