Ruby-On-Rails Books

Ruby-On-Rails Books


Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails (2nd Edition) by Michael Hartl


  • This books is fantastic for someone with minimal coding skill.
  • This is a great book, and excellently written and designed.
  • It's hands down one of the absolute BEST introductions to Ruby on Rails programming out there.
  • This is a phenomenal book for learning Rails.
  • I would highly suggest this book for those wanting to get your feet wet with rails.
  • From a beginner's perspective, this tutorial seems to be a great way to get you working toward developing a single, complex web project using Ruby on Rails.


Learn Ruby on Rails by Daniel Kehoe


  • This is a pretty solid primer on the background of Ruby on Rails.
  • I really enjoyed this book. The author goes over many Linux lessons in addition to Ruby.
  • Daniel made learning so easy. To succeed as a beginner in Rails, you must get this book.
  • This book really lays a good foundation to understand the many processes involved in software production.
  • Great book for learning Rails.
  • Great book to start learning Ruby on Rails.
  • One of the best book to learn Ruby On Rails
  • Excellent book to guide everybody to learn about ruby on rails :).
  • A good starting point if you are completely new to Rails.


Learn Ruby the Hard Way: A Simple and Idiomatic Introduction to the Imaginative World Of Computational Thinking with Code (3rd Edition) by Zed A. Shaw


  • This book is great. I'm doing everything Zed suggests and it takes the time it takes.
  • Absolutely an amazing book to get into programming and also to learn Ruby, even suitable for absolute beginners.
  • Love the book. Been really trying to get into programming again and ruby was one language I wanted to learn still going through the chapters but love it
  • Hard, but in a good way. Love Zed's examples and down to earth sense of humor.
  • Very good book! Learning basics to more advanced.


Learn to Program, Second Edition (The Facets of Ruby Series) Second Edition by Chris Pine


  • I would definitely recommend this book to people interested in learning to program.
  • This is an effective manual for a very specific audience.
  • This is the top book in the ruby community and well known and for a reason.
  • This is a great book as Chris Pine explains things in a way that is easy to read and follow along.
  • Best book to learn programming. I love it! My son loves it!
  • Everything in the book is very well explained. The examples are great, and the humor keeps me going. The best tool I've used yet to get a better grip on Ruby.


Rails 4 in Action: Revised Edition of Rails 3 in Action Second Edition by Ryan Bigg, Yehuda Katz, Steve Klabnik, and Rebecca Skinner


  • Great manual for any rails developer
  • This book is a great reference manual for you as you continue your Rails Career.
  • This is hands down the best tutorial on Rails I have ever gone through.
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