5 Certified Courses in this Learning Path

5 Courses, 5 Certificates, 1 Price + Internship

Note: If you wish you can replace one course from our online courses related to the learning path you choose.

1. Learn Node.js, Express and MongoDB

Mixed Languages (Hindi & English)

This course in NodeJS is designed in such a way that you can understand the fundamentals of NodeJS. In this course, you will first learn to install Git Bash and Node.js on to a Windows 7 machine.

2. Learn ExpressJS Framework

Mixed Languages (Hindi & English)

In this course, you will explore the Express NodeJS framework. It provides all of the capabilities of NodeJS and also makes it easy to build robust web applications quite easily using an MVC format.

3. Learn AngularJS

This course will clear up all of the jargon in AngularJS through a number of examples. The course will cover the Model View Controller pattern and how it works with AngularJS.

4. Learn TypeScript Programming

Mixed Languages (Hindi & English)

This course will teach you everything that you will find in a standard 200-page book on TypeScript. In this course, you will first learn how to install the compiler for typescript. Then you will learn about the data types, and how to change the browser.

5. Agile Software Development Framework – Scrum

In this course, you will learn to write, estimate and break down user stories, internalize scrum processes and meetings, gain practical working knowledge, and become industry ready to lead high performing scrum teams.

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