Advanced Java – Web Technology (OLC)

Advanced Java – Web Technology (OLC)


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Course Content


Client/Server Architecture


Life Cycle

  • ServletContext, Config
  • ServletRequest, SerrvletResponse
  • Get, Post Request
  • URL rewriting


include(), forward()

Applying Database Operations

Session tracking



Advantages Of JSP

JSP Directives page, include

Java Beans

Implicit Objects

  • Out
  • Request
  • Response
  • Config
  • Application
  • Session
  • PageContext
  • Page
  • Exception

Training & Duration

  • 2 Months of Training

Course Features

  • Online lectures: Online live classes.
  • Updated Quality content: Content is the latest and gets updated regularly to meet the current industry demands.

Test & Evaluation

1. During the program, the participants will have to take all the assignments given to them for better learning.

2. At the end of the program, a final assessment will be conducted.


1. All successful participants will be provided with a certificate of completion.

2. Students who do not complete the course / leave it midway will not be awarded any certificate.

  • Time-saving & Cost-effective
  • Get trained via industry experts (having 10+ years of experience in the same field, corporate trainers)
  • Full of hands-on practical exposure for better understanding
  • Adding super solid value in your professional career
  • Weekend Doubt clearing sessions.

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