Data Analysis Using Excel (FDP)

Data Analysis Using Excel (FDP)


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About the course

This is an advanced course in the use of Excel and is intended to provide you with a working knowledge of Excel. It is one of the most effective data processing tools and almost all large and small companies use Excel in their day-to-day operations. Getting in-depth functional knowledge of Excel can significantly improve efficiency. You can be seen as a highly trained business data analyst in the company. It will open up a lot of doors for you.

You can use this program for the benefit of your company by uncovering valuable details contained in raw data. This course helps you to use the maximum power of Excel. You can learn about mean and median, variance and standard deviation, central limit theorem, forecasting results, various distribution forms, Bayesian analysis, classification matrix, etc.

Why learn Data Analysis Using Excel?

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used tools for data analysis and data visualization. The ease of use and cost are two very important reasons why most data analysts choose to use Excel for data analysis. However using Excel for data analysis requires consistency of thinking, expertise in data analysis, and good decision-making power.

With more and more companies trying to analyze the data for the long-term goals of the organization, there is an increasing demand for data analysts in the industry. If you add data analysis skills to your resume, it will open career opportunities for you.

Key Features
  • Live online lecture sessions by subject experts.
  • Online lab and training sessions.
  • Course portal and access to course material, tutorials and practice notes, and exercises.
  • Continuous evaluation and feedback on participants' progress during the course.
  • Follow-up sessions and discussion forums on research problems and internships.
  • Question answers and discussion in both online and offline mode.

Mr. Rahul Garg

PGDM, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Founder (

Course Content

Day 1: Overview of Basic and Advanced Excel

  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2019
  • What is Microsoft Excel?
  • Why Should I Learn Microsoft Excel?
  • Where can I get Microsoft Excel?
  • How to Open Microsoft Excel?
  • Setting the color theme
  • Settings for formulas
  • Proofing settings
  • Save settings
  • Important Excel shortcuts
  • Best Practices when working with Microsoft Excel
  • Basic arithmetic operations in Excel
  • Formatting data in Microsoft Excel
  • Make column names bold
  • Align data to the left
  • Enclose data in the boxes
  • Print area, Printing View & Page Layout
  • Tutorial exercises
  • Data validation
  • Group and Ungroup
  • Excel Data Validation, Filters, Grouping

Day 2: Advanced sorting and filtering operations and data import from an external source

  • Basic and Advanced sorting
  • Data filters
  • Basic and Advanced filtering of data
  • Import external data source

Day 3: Working with Formula and Functions

  • Excel Basic Formulas & Functions
  • What is Formulas in Excel?
  • Formulas practical exercise
  • Mistakes to avoid when working with formulas in Excel
  • What is Function in Excel?
  • The importance of functions
  • Common functions
  • Numeric Functions
  • String functions
  • Date Time Functions
  • VLOOKUP function
  • Logical Functions in Excel
  • What is a Logical Function?
  • What is a condition and why does it matter?
  • IF Function
  • IF Function example
  • Nested IF functions

Day 4: Working with Data Visualization

  • How to Create Charts in Excel
  • What is a chart?
  • How to Create Charts in Excel
  • What is a chart?
  • Types of charts
  • 1. Pie Chart
  • 2. Bar Chart
  • 3. Column chart
  • 4. Line chart
  • 5. Combo Chart
  • The importance of charts
  • Creating charts in Excel
  • Sparklines
  • Sparklines with Quick Analysis
  • Sparklines with INSERT tab
  • Column Sparkline – with INSERT tab on Ribbon
  • Win/Loss Sparkline – with INSERT tab on Ribbon

Day 5: Pivot Tables and Power Queries

  • Pivot Tables and Power Queries

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