5 Certified Courses in this Learning Path

5 Courses, 5 Certificates, 1 Price + Internship

Note: If you wish you can replace one course from our online courses related to the learning path you choose.

1. Internet Technology And Web Design

The objective of this course is to provide you the conceptual and technological developments in the field of Internet and web designing. The course focuses on comprehensive knowledge of Internet and its applications...

2. Learn HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap to build responsive website

This is a basic course which will help you to understand, how you can create a responsive website with the help of HTML, CSS, BootStrap, and JavaScript. In this course, you will be introduced to bootstrap...

3. MySQL- A Practical Approach

This course helps you in learning MySQL, which is one of the most widely used databases in the industry. In this course, you will learn to deal with databases that are the backbone of any personal or commercial software.


This course provides you, the understanding of the benefits of MVC design over traditional ASP.NET Web Forms. The course provides knowledge of the role of Model, View, and Controller in integrating them to develop...

5. Agile Software Development Framework – Scrum

In this course, you will learn to write, estimate and break down user stories, internalize scrum processes and meetings, gain practical working knowledge, and become industry ready to lead high performing scrum teams.

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