Android Developer Learning Path - become an Android Mobile App Developer

Learn from the scratch with 19 real life project work.

5 Certified Courses in this Learning Path

5 Courses, 5 Certificates, 1 Price + Internship

Note: If you wish you can replace one course from our online courses related to the learning path you choose.

1. Java – A Practical Approach

The course mainly focuses on a practical approach and expects you to practice a lot by typing the code multiple times so that you can get completely proficient in it.

2. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Through Java

The objective of this course is to impart knowledge and develop skills which are required to solve real world problems using object oriented approach and Java language constructs and unified modeling language.

3. Java Collection Framework

In this course, you will go into more detail as you delve into the interface and class hierarchy for collections.

4. Zero to Hero in Android Development with Hands-on 19 Projects

This course will teach you everything required in mobile application development. In this course, you will develop more than fifteen Android applications based on the learning and concepts covered in the lectures.

5. Agile Software Development Framework – Scrum

This course covers the fundamental concepts, principles, and methods of Agile development, and get a fast start towards executing your plans for incorporating Agile practices and techniques into your organization.

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