Questions related to before registration

If I have a problem? Whom should I contact?
How to calculate the credit score?
How can I get more information about the courses?
Registration to Prutor.AI is at institute level or individual faculties have to register on the website
Does the Prutor.AI provide a degree (M. Tech or Ph.D.) for the course?
Is there any placement assistance from the Prutor.AI?
Will there be an offline training as well?
Are we providing courses related to Civil Engineering / Mechanical Engineering etc.?
What are the benefits of taking courses at Prutor.AI?
It has only IT courses, why no electronics oriented courses are there?
What is the start date of the course?
What is the duration of the course?
Is it okay for me to take a course?
Where are you located?

Questions related to registration

How to register / create account?
I am a faculty, but your registration form only has one option of registering as a “student”?
I am a working professional, what should I fill in the college name and HOD Email address?
I am unable to login. I forgot my password, How do I reset it?
Can I have multiple accounts in Prutor.AI?

Questions related to pursuing / enroll in a course

How to enroll / register in a course?
What happens if I am unable to complete the course within the allotted time?
How much time does it take to grade my quiz?
Please tell us some useful books.
Can I download the lectures and watch them offline?
When will I be able to attempt the final quiz?
What is the difference between “quiz” and “final quiz”?
Do I have to attempt the quiz after completing all modules?
How many retakes are there for a quiz?
What happens if I am not able to successfully attempt the quiz?
What will be the format of the final exam?

Questions related to certification

I have completed the all the lectures, what is the next step for certification?
Is there any way I can get the certificate without completing all the lectures?
Will the certificate be prepared on the final quiz?
I have completed multiples courses, will I get physical certificates for each course?
Will I still get the certificate if I don't complete the course?
Why percentage is not displayed in the certificate?
Will i get the certificate on free course?