SQLite Books

SQLite Books


Using SQLite by Jay A Kreibich


  • Straight and to the point. Wonderful tutorial. Overall, a great textbook for understanding SQLite.
  • Very practical and with a deep look at the internal implementation.
  • I have learned a lot from this well written book.
  • SQLite is a great database engine and this book is a fantastic resource.
  • So far the book has moved along at a pace and method well suited for teaching a novice like myself the "what" and "why" to bring me up to speed.


The Definitive Guide to SQLite 2nd ed. Edition by Grant Allen and Mike Owens


  • Excellent job explaining SQLite and it's implementation.
  • Great purchase experience! Item was exactly what I was expecting.
  • Easy to read and great content.
  • Didactic, concise and the chapter about SQL is very good.
  • The Definitive Guide To SQLite provides a fantastic level of detail.


The SQL Guide to SQLite by Rick F. van der Lans


  • This may be the best book I have ever read on SQLite.
  • Very excellent explanation, good examples.
  • Excellent book, does just what it says.
  • An excellent way of learning SQL without having to install a full server.


Introducing SQLite for Mobile Developers 1st Edition by Jesse Feiler


  • This book was great. Took me from new to building and running a working SQLite database in one read.
  • Easy to read and great content.
  • Excellent book!!
  • Great book to learn SQLite..


Learning SQLite for iOS by Gene Da Rocha


  • This book is a practical and comprehensive guide to developing applications using SQLite and iOS.
  • This book starts with the architecture of SQLite database and introduces you to concepts in SQL .
  • The book is good for beginners.
  • This book is intended for those who want to learn about SQLite and how to develop apps in Swift or HTML5 using SQLite.


Android SQLite Essentials by Sunny Kumar Aditya and Vikash Kumar Karn


  • This book makes for an interesting and pleasing reading that is highly recommended to any developer needing a robust SQL database with a reasonable footprint on Android.
  • The book is written in a simple and concise way.
  • This is an excellent book explaining everything you need to know about using SQLite with Android.
  • It is really simple to be read and the examples provided with the book are useful and well suited for the book.
  • A must for every Android (and not) developer who wants to be introduced to the database world...
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