WordPress Books

WordPress Books


WordPress Bible by Aaron Brazell


  • Aaron Brazell has outdone himself with this comprehensive tome of WordPress awesomeness.
  • Great resource for working in WordPress.
  • The information and concepts in this book remains relevant. It's well written and easy to digest for an expert or layman alike.
  • This book helped me out a ton.
  • This is a good resource if you need to know, or look up, something in particular.
  • This book is probably one of the best books on using WordPress.


Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog by Thord Daniel Hedengren


  • This is a really good book.
  • Amazing book, goes in great depth on WordPress. Highly recommended for anyone really wanting to be or become a WordPress developer.
  • I loved this book. It is easy to understand and can also be used as a reference.
  • This is a great introduction to WordPress and customizing it.
  • Yes. This is a technical book. However, it has been helpful to me since I am so new to WordPress.

Digging into WordPress by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr


  • There is so much information in this book it makes it a must have for anyone developing websites with WordPress.
  • The pages are beautifully done and extremely easy to read.
  • The code examples are precise and are all stuff you would use in a real world situation.

Professional WordPress Plugin Development by Brad Williams, Ozh Richard, Justin Tadlock, and Joost de Valk


  • If you want to develop plug-ins for either the community or commercial audience, everything you need to know is in here.
  • It's well written, honest, and comes from a collective background of collaboration and been-there-done-that experience.
  • This book is the perfect reference book.
  • It touches on all the topics you'll need to create a plugin for WordPress and it explains both the basics as well as the details in a very good way.
  • This has been the best book I have purchased on WordPress by far.
  • This is not a book on learning how to use WordPress, this book is for developers.
  • This book has so much useful information on working with WordPress that it will help anyone taking time to do custom work in WordPress.


Head First WordPress by Jeff Siarto


  • Good book for beginners
  • Really good. Got started on my own while waiting on it. However. now that i have it I may re-do somethings. There is a lot here.
  • Good read. Teaches the basic in a clear way. Layout things out in process that explains how things go together.
  • The writing is light and friendly and easy to understand.
  • The book is excellent but you need some previous experience, not too much, but you cannot come from zero to this book, at all.


WordPress Complete: A comprehensive guide to WordPress development from scratch 6th Edition by Karol Krol


  • Working with latest version of WordPress -- this is the perfect book!
  • Nice small chapters. Easy to read and search. Will keep close as a reference. Very informative. Step by step guide.
  • This is the most comprehensive and the best written beginning WordPress book that I have seen.
  • This book is great. Plenty of good examples that agree with what I see on my screen when doing a new install.

WordPress For All : How To Create A Website For Business Or Personal Use, Quickly & Easily – Whatever Your Skill Level by Chris O’Connor

WordPress: The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonald

WordPress All-in-One For Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog by Thord Daniel Hedengren

WordPress on Demand by Patrice-Anne Rutledge

How to Theme WordPress: From Blank To Beautiful in 2 Hours by Aleks Monahan

WordPress For Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

The Best WordPress Plugins: 500 Free WP Plugins for Creating an Amazing and Profitable Website by Chad Tennant

Responsive WordPress Themes with Bootstrap: A book for making your Responsive WordPress Themes by Sunny Chanday

WordPress Like Clockwork: How to Run 60 Sites in 60 Minutes a Week! by Mr Chas Newport

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