Entity-Framework Books

Entity-Framework Books


Programming Entity Framework 2nd edition by Julia Lerman


  • The book is concise, very detailed, and well-written-- and that's usually rare to find in most technical books these days.
  • This is one well written and great to read a technical book.
  • This is definitely the book to have by your side if you are programming with the ADO.NET Entity Framework 1.0.
  • The book is very well organized and is a good read. The author has a good writing style.


Pro Entity Framework 4.0 (Expert's Voice in .NET) 1st Edition by Scott Klein


  • Very nice book! I really would recommend it.
  • This book gives an easily understandable introduction to MS Entity Framework 4.0 (Visual Studio 2010).
  • The book is good for presenting the basic ideas behind the EF and how to use it.
  • The book did improve my understanding of EF.


Programming Entity Framework: Code First by Julia Lerman


  • Very nice book and in depth understanding for Entity Framework Code first.
  • Good book if when you are learning EF from the basics like I was.
  • Nice Book for Coders
  • This is a great book.
  • This book is clearly written and well organized.


Programming Entity Framework: DbContext by Julia Lerman and Rowan Miller


  • This is a really nice book, clear and full of details about Entity Framework and DbContext.
  • Great for learning more about entity.
  • Very handy reference when I need it.
  • Great book, the examples are easy to understand.
  • good context, easy to follow.


Entity Framework 6 Recipes by Zeeshan Hirani, Larry Tenny, Nitin Gupta, Brian Driscoll, and Robert Vettor


  • Excellent product
  • Great book to learn Entity Framework.
  • Useful technical book.
  • A great book. Excellent. Exactly what I expected.
  • I love this book. If you're using Entity Framework, read this book …
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