LINQ Books

LINQ Books


LINQ in Action by Fabrice Marguerie, Steve Eichert, and Jim Wooley


  • I would recommend the book to anyone trying to learn LINQ as a technology.
  • Very solid book to pick up deep enough information to start using LINQ, written in a very nice way not hard or boring to read.
  • If you want to learn LINQ, this book will teach you.
  • This book is a pure pleasure to read.
  • A great buy for the novice LINQ programmer.


Pro LINQ: Language Integrated Query in C# 2010 by Joseph Rattz and Adam Freeman


  • The book is comprehensive, well-organized, the prose is clear and the samples are understandable.
  • This book is a great introduction to advanced LINQ concepts.
  • Great book to learn about C# and a few other things.
  • The book is very accessible and understandable.
  • Being a novice at LINQ, I found this book to be very helpful. I really recommend this book.


Programming Microsoft® LINQ (PRO-Developer) by Paolo Pialorsi and Marco Russo


  • An easy to read text and constant reference.
  • I appreciate the level of approach and comprehensiveness of this book.
  • This is enhanced version of Introducing Microsoft LINQ.


Essential LINQ 1st Edition by Charlie Calvert and Dinesh Kulkarni


  • The quality of this book is very high in technical content and style of writing.
  • A most excellent book, a pleasure to read, and highly recommended.
  • This is a very good introductory text to LINQ.
  • This book was very good. It was easy to understand yet gave a large amount of details and explanations.


Professional LINQ by Scott Klein


  • Got me started on LINQ.
  • I think this book is a good reference for developers that want to get into LINQ to XML or LINQ to SQL.
  • Kudos to Scott Klein on writing a solid book on LINQ and providing a lot of detail as to the specifics.
  • I do like this book, really.


LINQ Unleashed: for C# 1st Edition, by Paul Kimmel


  • Great book. I learned LINQ for C# using this book.
  • The book quite thoroughly covers LINQ to SQL, LINQ to XML, and much more.
  • The book really helps you to get up and running using LINQ.
  • This is one of the best technical books I have read in a long time.
  • I highly recommend this book. It is easy to read and keeps you interested.


LINQ to Objects Using C# 4.0: Using and Extending LINQ to Objects and Parallel LINQ (PLINQ) 1st Edition by Troy Magennis


  • I found the book to be very informative.
  • Covers lots of concepts and basic examples to understand the functions and methods. i would highly recommend for learning LINQ.
  • Highly recommended for anyone use Linq in any of its flavors.
  • It is good.
  • A great book which describes many topics of LINQ. For beginners and advanced.
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