Java Books

Java Books


Head First Java by Kathy Sierra


  • It is one of the best Java books for every programmer who is new to both programming and Java.
  • If you are looking forward to learning Java from scratch, this is the book for you.
  • Here, every aspect of Java is detailed with the help of easily understandable images, diagrams and examples.
  • It  covers:
    • All fundamental Java programming topics about Object, Class, Thread, Collection,
    • Language features like Enum, Generics and
    • Advanced features like Networking, Swing and Java IO.


Effective Java by Joshua Bloch


  • This is one of the most enjoyable Java books for intermediate and experienced programmers.
  • The book guides you to best programming practices in Java and teaches you how to effectively use and optimize the language in the real programming world.
  • Its content are categorized into Items which are sub-categorized into chapters, and compared to other Java books, it covers and details almost every concept of Java with a slightly different approach.
  • If every Java programmer read this book, we would see a lot less broken Java codes!

Java Concurrency in Practice by Goetz


  • When it comes to Multithreading and Concurrency, this is probably the best Java book.
  • With intelligent and concise examples, the book is very detailed with a clear explanation for: what is wrong, why it’s wrong and how to make it right in Java.
  • If you are pursuing your career as a Java programmer and are willing to learn real core aspects of Java programming language, this is one of the must-have books for you.

Head First Design Pattern by Eric Freeman

  • This is another top top-class Java book for learning design patterns in Java.
  • This book provides a clear and concise explanation of how to apply design patterns, how to solve common problems, etc.
  • Understanding core Java design pattern and object-oriented design principle have been made easy with lots of exercises, memory maps, bullet points and more.
  • This is not purely a Java book; it is an essential book for every Java developers who design their applications themselves.

Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel

  • This is one of the best Java books for beginners with a unique approach to teaching book.
  • It is completely covering every aspect in Java, and can also be used as a reference Java book.
  • With many class diagrams and intelligent coding examples, this is a must-have book for those who like to analyze Java concepts by writing example codes.
  • It is detailed in Containers, Graphical User Interfaces, and Annotations.
  • Overall, this is a good choice for both beginners and intermediate programmers in Java.

The Java Programming Language by James Gosling and Ken Arnold

  • This book provides an in-depth understanding of the language along with its design goals and ways of using it effectively in real-world programming.
  • In newer editions of the book, several new chapters, topics, and sections have been added and updated with modern practices for making robust and efficient Java software.
  • This book is for both novices and seasoned Java developers.

Java Generics and Collections by Maurice Naftalin and Philip Wadler

  • This book has a gold mine of detailed information for Generics and Collections.
  • It is a very useful book for experienced programmers as well as for those who want to sharpen their knowledge of Java Collections and Generics.

Head First Object Oriented Analysis and Design by Brett D. McLaughlin

  • This book can be read together with Head First Design Patterns.
  • It focuses on object-oriented design principles such as programming for interface rather than implementation, DRY, favor composition over inheritance, and more.
  • This book teaches you the best programming practices by writing good codes in Java.
  • The knowledge gained from this book will prove to be useful for understanding any object-oriented programming platform.

Java Performance by Hunt

  • This book deals with performance monitoring, profiling and various tools for monitoring performance in Java programming.
  • It is widely regarded as the best Java book on performance monitoring.
  • If you are serious about performance in Java, this is another must-have book.
  • It is a bit advanced in nature; it’s not recommended for beginners.
  • So, those who already have some Java programming experiences will find this book very useful.

Java Puzzlers by Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter

  • This book thoroughly explains corner cases and Java pitfalls.
  • If you love puzzles (which are often included in core Java interviews to determine the Java programming skills of a candidate), this book is a boon.
  • The best way to utilize this book would be to try to solve the puzzles in the book by yourself and only then look into the explanations and solutions provided.

Java in a Nutshell by Benjamin Evans and David Flanagan

  • This is a good reference cum tutorial Java book for both beginners and intermediate programmers who want to improve their understanding of Java concepts.

Data Structures and Algorithms in Java by Goodrich

  • With this book, you can learn Java together with the very basic algorithms and data structures.

Java 7 Programming Black Book by Kogent Learning Solutions Inc.

  • This is very detailed (with examples) in explaining how to use Java swing elements.
  • So, if you’re a Java developer focused on User Interface, this book will provide whatever you need to create User Interface for your Java software.

The Java Language Specification by James Gosling

  • This book provides complete and detailed coverage of all aspects of Java.
  • New features such as annotations, asserts, generics, enums, autoboxing, etc. have been added in the newer editions of the book.
  • This is a good read for those who want to strengthen their knowledge about the semantics of Java programming language.

Complete Reference Java by Herbert Schildt

Head First Java by Kathy Sierra

Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel

Effective Java by Joshua Bloch

Java Programming Language by Ken Arnold

Java Puzzlers by Joshua Bloch & Neal Gafter

Java Generics and Collections by Naftalin and Philip Wadler

Data Structures and Algorithms in Java by Michael T Goodrich

Object-Oriented Data Structures Using Java by Nell Dale

Data Structures & Algorithms in Javaby Robert Lafore

Open Data Structures by Pat Morin

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