PERL Books

PERL Books


Learning Perl, 5th Edition by Tom Phoenix, Randal Schwartz, and Brian foy


  • This is an excellent book for someone wanting to learn Perl who already has some exposure to programming in general.
  • This is a very good book for beginners; it guides the reader from the most basics steps in Perl to a medium level.
  • This book is very helpful for learning Perl with some programming background.
  • Very good book starting with the basics and moving up to more advanced topics.
  • This book is a great starting point for Perl 5 programming, Brian d foy covers the basics masterfully, giving you a great boost into the language.

Programming Perl, 3rd Edition by Tom Christiansen, Jon Orwant, and Larry Wall


  • This book is _the_ book to get when you want to get serious about Perl.
  • Larry Wall is the Perl Master. I used this book to learn Perl.
  • This is the definitive book on Perl.
  • An excellent book on Perl, written by the author of Perl himself.
  • Comprehensive guide to perl programming.
  • Great book for beginners and experienced programmers.


Intermediate Perl by Tom Phoenix, Randal Schwartz, and Brian Foy


  • This is a good book, especially if you are doing a training session about Perl.
  • This book has advanced my knowledge of perl better than any other!
  • This is a good book for anyone to learn perl by yourself.
  • This is a great reference book for Perl.
  • Everything is explained very well and there are plenty of examples. It really is ideal for self study.


Beginning Perl 1st Edition by Curtis Poe


  • One of the best Perl books out there.
  • Everyone on my team read this book and now they are doing Perl - Awesome!
  • Really good book in my opinion, one of the newest today, this is a very important thing because Perl is involving very quickly.
  • As a beginner, I found this book to be well-written and a great resource for the money.
  • This is a great book covering all of the current best practices on perl in an easy and enjoyable form.


Modern Perl by Chromatic


  • This book is enjoyable, informative, and it reacquainted me with my old friend Perl.
  • Mostly excellent advice on how to write programs in Perl in the 'modern way.
  • An excellent book that covers exactly what the title says.
  • Excellent concise book with a lot of references to external sources.
  • This book is Perl's new bible. It is by far the clearest Perl overview, explaining the logic behind the language's features.
  • This book is fantastic: as a guide to modern Perl programming, there is nothing better.


Higher-Order Perl: Transforming Programs with Programs by Mark Jason Dominus


  • It is a great book about higher-order programming, which happens to use Perl to illustrate these concepts.
  • For serious Perl programmers, Higher Order Perl is a must-read book.
  • Probably the best advanced Perl book.
  • Good book, for people with computer science background! otherwise a little hard to understand the algorithm.

Programming Perl by Tom Christiansen

Learning Perl by Randal L Schwartz

Programming Perl by Brian d Foy

Perl For Dummies by Paul Hoffman

Perl Programming for the Absolute Beginner by Jerry Lee Ford

Perl Cookbook by Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington

Perl by Example by Ellie Quigley

Perl One-Liners: 130 Programs That Get Things Done by Peteris Krumins

Effective Perl Programming: Ways to Write Better, More Idiomatic Per by Joseph N Hall and Joshua A McAdams

Perl Pocket Reference: Programming Tools by Johan Vromans

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