Azure Data Lake

Azure Data Lake


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About the course

Azure Data Lake allows you to store & analyze petabyte-size files & trillions of objects. It helps you to develop massively parallel programs with ease. In this course on Azure Data Lake, you will be introduced to Azure Data Lake and the U-SQL language, and learn how to abandon ETL. First, you will delve into querying by using the powerful U-SQL language, built straight into the Azure Data Lake. You will discover how to throw your files into the Data Lake, and query them directly without needing to load them into a database. Finally, you will learn about how Azure Data Lakes offers the best of both worlds with support for unstructured files, and structured databases. By the end of this course, you will not only know what a Data Lake is, but you will also know how to populate it, query it, and develop it using Visual Studio.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Get familiar with Azure Data Lake technologies to store and process data using U-SQL jobs.
  • Create and use U-SQL catalog objects.
  • Apply the power of the Azure cloud to big data using Azure Data Lake technologies.
  • Extend your data processing scripts with custom C# code.
  • Monitor and optimize U-SQL jobs.
  • Boost your hireability through innovative, independent learning.
  • Get a certificate on successful completion of the course.
Target Audience

The course can be taken by:

Students: Students: All students who are pursuing professional graduate/post-graduate courses related to computer science and engineering or data science.

Teachers/Faculties: All computer science and engineering teachers/faculties.

Professionals: All working professionals from computer science / IT / Data Science domain.

Why learn Azure Data Lake?

Azure Data Lake is a highly scalable data storage and analytics service. As Azure Data Lake is a cloud computing service, it gives customers a faster and more efficient alternative to deploying and managing big data infrastructure within their own data centers. Azure Data Lake includes all the capabilities required to make it easy for developers, data scientists, and analysts to store data of any size, shape, and speed, and do all types of processing and analytics across platforms and languages. It removes the complexities of ingesting and storing all of your data while making it faster to get up and running with batch, streaming and interactive analytics. Azure Data Lake works with existing IT investments for identity, management, and security for simplified data management and governance. It also integrates seamlessly with operational stores and data warehouses so you can extend current data applications.

The career prospects are bright for the candidates looking forward to a career in Cloud computing services and Big data. There are lots of interesting career options which you can consider after completing the course. You can become a successful Azure PaaS Architect, or an Azure Paas Architect, or a Data Architect. So, there are varieties of career opportunities in this field, and it’s worth taking this course to match up with the current industry requirements.

Course Features
  • 24X7 Access: You can view lectures as per your own convenience.
  • Online lectures: 5 hours of online lectures with high-quality videos.
  • Updated Quality content: Content is latest and gets updated regularly to meet the current industry demands.
Test & Evaluation

1. During the program, the participants will have to take all the assignments given to them for better learning.

2. At the end of the program, a final assessment will be conducted.


1. All successful participants will be provided with a certificate of completion.

2. Students who do not complete the course / leave it midway will not be awarded any certificate.

No prerequisite

Topics to be covered
  1. Module 1 - Introduction to Azure Data Lake
    • Introduction to Azure Data Lake
    • Create Data Lake Analytics Account
    • Explore Analytics & Store Account
    • Connect to ADL using Visual Studio
    • Introduction to U-SQL Language
    • Schema on Read
    • Upload Text File to Data Lake Store
    • Run A Simple ADL Job
    • Using C# Functions in U-SQL
    • Applying Schema on Read
    • Aggregating Data
    • Importing Data from Multiple Files
    • Combining Data from Multiple Files
  2. Module 2 - USQL Catalog
    • Create Database
    • Create Schema and Tables
    • Architecture of USQL Job
    • Index & Hashses explained
    • Insert Data into the Database
    • Query the Data
    • Create View
    • Query the View
    • Case Sensitivity of USQL Language
    • Table Valued Functions in USQL
    • Store Procedure in USQL
    • Store Procedure in USQL - Contd
  3. Module 3 - Custom Functions
    • View Script file in USQL
    • Using Inline C# Functions in USQL
    • Implementing a Code Behind Class File
    • Implementing a Code Behind Class File Continued...
    • Create Custom Assembly
  4. Module 4 - Monitoring
    • Job Comparison Tool
    • Compare Two different Jobs
    • Job Information Graph in Visual Studio
    • Job Efficiency
    • Viewing Job Efficiency in Visual Studio
    • Vertex Execution View
  5. Module 5 - Different ways to access Azure Data Lake
    • Introduction to PowerShell
    • Creating a Data Lake Store account
    • Data Lake Store
    • Some more helpful commands for Azure Data Lake
    • Some more helpful commands for Azure Data Lake - Contd..
    • Submitting a Job
    • Azure CLI 2.0
    • Create Data Lake Store with Azure CLI
    • Uploading & Listing Objects in CLI
    • Deleting, Renaming
  6. Azure Data Lake Final Quiz