A-Z of Python Programming by Prof. Amey Karkare, CSE IIT Kanpur

Our flagship offering is a 3-month online course on Python. It provides both basic theoretical understanding and practical hands-on programming. It is beginner-friendly, but builds up expertise sufficiently to work with state-of-the-practice methods and covers python in great detail.This course is now being taken up by more than 37000 engineering students across India.

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1. Introduction 2. The Programming Cycle for Python 3. Getting started
4. Variables and simple data types 5. Elements of Python 6. Type Conversion
7. Expressions 8. Assignment Statement 9. Arithmetic Operators
10. Operator Precedence 11. Boolean Expression 12. Introducing lists
13. Working with lists 14. For Loop 15. Nested Loops
16. Tuples 17. Unpacking Sequences 18. Lists
19. Mutable Sequences 20. List Comprehension 21. Sets
22. If statements 23. Conditionals 24. Conditionals (Continued)
25. Expression Evaluation 26. Float Representation 27. Dictionaries
28. User input and loops 29. Break and Continue 30. Function
31. Parts of A Function 32. Execution of A Function 33. Keyword and Default Arguments
34. Scope Rules 35. Strings 36. Indexing and Slicing of Strings
37. More Slicing 38. Higher Order Functions 39. Sieve of Eratosthenes
40. Abstract Data Types 41. Classes 42. Modules
43. Importing Modules 44. Classes 45. Special Methods
46. Class Example 47. Inheritance 48. Inheritance and OOPS
49. Files and Exceptions 50. File I/O 51. Exceptions
52. Testing your code 53. Assertions 54. Iterators
55. Recursion 56. Simple Search 57. Estimating Search Time
58. Binary Search 59. Estimating Binary Search Time 60. Recursive Fibonacci
61. Tower Of Hanoi 62. Sorting 63. Selection Sort
64. Merge List 65. Merge Sort 66. Higher Order Sort

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