Ruby-On-Rails Books

Ruby-On-Rails Books


Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails (2nd Edition) by Michael Hartl


  • This books is fantastic for someone with minimal coding skill.
  • This is a great book, and excellently written and designed.
  • It's hands down one of the absolute BEST introductions to Ruby on Rails programming out there.
  • This is a phenomenal book for learning Rails.
  • I would highly suggest this book for those wanting to get your feet wet with rails.
  • From a beginner's perspective, this tutorial seems to be a great way to get you working toward developing a single, complex web project using Ruby on Rails.


Learn Ruby on Rails by Daniel Kehoe


  • This is a pretty solid primer on the background of Ruby on Rails.
  • I really enjoyed this book. The author goes over many Linux lessons in addition to Ruby.
  • Daniel made learning so easy. To succeed as a beginner in Rails, you must get this book.
  • This book really lays a good foundation to understand the many processes involved in software production.
  • Great book for learning Rails.
  • Great book to start learning Ruby on Rails.
  • One of the best book to learn Ruby On Rails
  • Excellent book to guide everybody to learn about ruby on rails :).
  • A good starting point if you are completely new to Rails.


Learn Ruby the Hard Way: A Simple and Idiomatic Introduction to the Imaginative World Of Computational Thinking with Code (3rd Edition) by Zed A. Shaw


  • This book is great. I'm doing everything Zed suggests and it takes the time it takes.
  • Absolutely an amazing book to get into programming and also to learn Ruby, even suitable for absolute beginners.
  • Love the book. Been really trying to get into programming again and ruby was one language I wanted to learn still going through the chapters but love it
  • Hard, but in a good way. Love Zed's examples and down to earth sense of humor.
  • Very good book! Learning basics to more advanced.


Learn to Program, Second Edition (The Facets of Ruby Series) Second Edition by Chris Pine


  • I would definitely recommend this book to people interested in learning to program.
  • This is an effective manual for a very specific audience.
  • This is the top book in the ruby community and well known and for a reason.
  • This is a great book as Chris Pine explains things in a way that is easy to read and follow along.
  • Best book to learn programming. I love it! My son loves it!
  • Everything in the book is very well explained. The examples are great, and the humor keeps me going. The best tool I've used yet to get a better grip on Ruby.


Rails 4 in Action: Revised Edition of Rails 3 in Action Second Edition by Ryan Bigg, Yehuda Katz, Steve Klabnik, and Rebecca Skinner


  • Great manual for any rails developer
  • This book is a great reference manual for you as you continue your Rails Career.
  • This is hands down the best tutorial on Rails I have ever gone through.

The Ruby Programming Language by David Flanagan

Programming Ruby by Dave Thomas

Computer Science Programming Basics in Ruby by Ophir Frieder

Ruby Programming Ebook by Arun Jagota

Beginning Ruby: From Novice to Professional by Peter Coope

The Well-Grounded Rubyist by David A Black

Ruby: Programming, Master’s Handbook: A TRUE Beginner’s Guide! Problem Solving by Codewell Academy and R M Z Trigo

Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby: An Agile Primer by Sandi Metz

Ruby Programming For Beginners: The Simple Guide to Learning Ruby Programming Language Fast by Tim Warren

Intro To Ruby Programming: Beginners Guide Series by John Elder

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