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CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions by Andy Budd, Cameron Moll, and Simon Collison


  • This book is easy to read and pickup
  • This book doesn't just tell you about CSS, it shows you how to do it right, in both a standards-supporting approach and a clean, efficient, code-consolidating way.
  • It's not necessarily for beginners (it doesn't discuss basics) it should eventually be read by anyone who thinks they've mastered CSS or would one day like to.


Beginning CSS Web Development by Simon Collison


  • This book is ideally suited for those who are still using table based layouts.
  • If you are familiar with tables and want a smooth transition to table free layouts, that are easy to manage, this book is a must have.
  • The writing style of the author was very clear. In particular, I like that the author writes a code snippet, explains it, demonstrates it, then as he progresses, repeats the process pulling all the snippets together to render the final / polished results.
  • Beginning CSS Web Development by Simon Collison is the perfect beginner's guide to CSS.
  • This book is laid out very well, and moves at a perfect pace. Now, for those who are advanced CSS developers - this book is still a great book to have as reference to different aspects or topics.


New Perspectives on Blended HTML, XHTML, and CSS by Henry Bojack


  • The book is a good resource for those that are looking for a step by step process on how to build a web page.
  • Definitely worth the money, and really helps with beginning markup languages
  • The book takes you through scenarios on using different tags, modification of attributes and beautification of a web page.


CSS: The Ultimate Reference by Tommy Olsson and Paul O'Brien


  • The book is a thorough "reference" treatment of all aspects of CSS.
  • If you want a comprehensive, well written and thorough CSS reference, this is the ultimate. Really well done explanations. It is a great book to have if you wrestle with the ins and outs of CSS.
  • This book is a must have for anyone using CSS whether a beginner or otherwise.
  • The book is very well laid out and easy to look up as a reference with chapters on layout, list styles, box properties etc.
  • It is a great read, very easy to follow and has help me tremendous in building my websites.


Don't Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability by Steve Krug


  • Great book for anyone that is maintaining a website for a small business or organization.
  • Not a technical book about writing code.
  • Gives you a clear direction and guidance about how the vast majority of users surf the net and how to make your site easy for the majority of users.
  • Less words, more photos, clear and obvious navigation.
  • Great examples of both real and pretend sites that are good and bad and why they are good or bad.
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