Windows Books

Windows Books


Windows Internals, Book 1 – User Mode 7ed by Brian Calin, Jamie Hanrahan, Mark E Russinovich, David A Solomon, and Alex Ionescu


  • A good book in a series of great books.
  • highly recommended
  • Excellent internal OS information.
  • A wealth of knowledge.
  • Great info. A good knowledge source.


Inside Windows NT by Helen Custer and David A. Solomon


  • A classic on the development of Windows NT by Dave Custer and team.
  • One of the best books I read on NT kernel.
  • I loved this book.
  • This book is an absolute must-have, whether you're a programmer or an NT administrator.
  • A must for anyone interested in 90's tech that shaped the Internet wave.
  • A valuable and interesting read for professional who must write code for NT or just want to know what goes on under the hood.


Inside Microsoft Windows 2000, Third Edition by David A. Solomon and Mark E. Russinovich


  • It is incredible amount of knowledge and hard work compressed in a single volume.
  • This book is full of things that will give you an appreciation of any OS, but the way it cracks into the guts of 2000 is great.
  • This book is very light on code and very heavy on diagrams and tables.
  • It is so clearly written that turning the information into usable code should be a breeze.
  • This book explains windows 2000 internal workings in reasonable breadth and sufficient depth.
  • This is a very good starter kit for inexperienced users of the latest Microsoft operating system.


Programming Windows®, 5th Edition by Charles Petzold


  • It is a priceless book on Win32 API!
  • This is an absolutely golden book.
  • This book covers just about everything a programmer needs to know to write software to run under the Windows operating system.
  • Reading in this book will make you understand what makes Windows tick, even in its latest versions.
  • This is a great reference for programmers who want to move away from console programming.
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