Django Books

Django Books


Lightweight Django: Using Rest, Websockets & Backbone by Mark Lavin


  • The most effective method to teach someone how to correctly use a programming language is to give an example of a complex application and disassemble it to atomic components.
  • Such a great read. There are thousands of Django introduction books but this really does a great job to break down how and why you use each module from the larger framework.
  • This is the best Django book I have read! I read it from cover to cover, really enjoy it, especially from Chapter 4 to Chapter 8.
  • Great book, synthesized and to the point.
  • Best programming book I've purchased yet.
  • Great Django quickstart guide!!!!
  • The book is really quite good and provides a completely different perspective on what can be done with Django.


Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1.8 by Daniel Roy Greenfeld, and Audrey Roy Greenfeld


  • This is a great book for practitioners of Django to learn best practices.
  • The book is very well organized, following a very clear pattern for presenting concepts.
  • Excellent Django best practices! Can't wait to start building some Django projects, if only I had more time!  
  • Definitely a must have if you plan to put Django on your resume.
  • Thanks, well written and helpful.
  • This is a superb collection of helpful tips and information about Django 1.8, and is the definitive "second book" you should read after you've read a beginner's text on Django.
  • "Two Scoops of Django" is updated for 1.8 (the current release) and, even better, is written in plain, comprehensible English, with excellent examples, code snippets, and useful tips.


Tango With Django: A beginner's Guide to Web Development With Python / Django 1.9 by Leif Azzopardi and David Maxwell


  • The book is good because in comparison with other books it has most of the codes in the GitHub
  • Great supplement to the official Django tutorial.
  • This book very clearly takes you through all of the aspects of creating a web application with Django.
  • Knowledge of python is a prerequisite so this isn't the right book if you're looking for introductory text on web development with python.


Mastering Django: Core: The Complete Guide to Django 1.8 LTS by Nigel George


  • Great guide to Django. The first 7 chapters are an excellent, in-depth, explanation of how Django works.
  • Good update to newer versions of Django. Provides good tutorial information but can also be used as a reference.
  • This is by far the best Django and dynamic web app development book ever. No other resource compares to it.
  • This book will make you a Django expert, for sure;I have bought a few books on Django but to master the basics of the framework, this in my opinion is the best foundation book you can have.
  • I love the completeness of the core knowledge of Django presented in this book.
  • Excellent book! Takes you from zero knowledge of Django to expert without getting lost in the details or the theory.


High Performance Django by Peter Baumgartner and Yann Malet


  • This book is useful not only to sysadmins and programmers, but to people making decisions about platforms.
  • Extremely useful, a mix of obvious and not-at-all-obvious solutions.
  • This is less about Django and more about websites in general with their optimal setup.
  • Very specific book, but *exactly* what I was needing.
  • "High Performance Django" is a really good book. Its relatively narrow topic means the authors get to focus on their subject.
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