Swift Books

Swift Books


Pro Swift by Paul Hudson


  • Pro Swift is powerful book for who wanna learn deeper things of Swift. It contains many concepts like functional programming, error handling, lesser known types, etc.
  • Amazing! Very engaging content and clear explanations.
  • Pro Swift is a book that teaches more Swift concept.
  • Pro Swift shines through other Swift books, focusing on the less-talked,less-used but essential parts of Swift.
  • Easy to understand. Some parts felt like they were skimmed over but overall it was well worth the read and easy to apply.

Advanced Swift: Updated for Swift 3 by Chris Eidhof, Ole Begemann, and Airspeed Velocity


  • Amazing book. Must Read for swift developers. Detailed explanation of swift concepts.
  • Lucid and clear. Instead of getting lost in the details the authors do a great job of communicating how to "think in swift".
  • Excellent book for anyone who wants to dive deeper into Swift.
  • Great guide through some of Swift's advanced concepts.
  • Very informative and engaging read. It has already started to impact the way in which i develop swift based systems and I would highly recommend it.


Mastering Swift 4 by Jon Hoffman


  • Excellent book and easy to reach Swift resource, runs through the majority and standard Swift api capabilities, but gives a little extra explanation that adds an extra perspective over the Swift book apple has.
  • The author explains the principles behind, and examples of how to use, the unique and powerful features of Swift.
  • I like it’s explanation of ideas and I think you will too.
  • It is a great book if you want to pickup swift from scratch, not so great if you really want to master it.


The Swift Developer's Cookbook by Erica Sadun


  • Lots of well written tips and tricks for idiomatic swift programming.
  • This is a really well written and structured book.
  • An introductory book to concepts from the Swift programming language, it thoroughly touches base in most of the important and useful topics for the language.
  • This book is written for the person who wants to write the best possible Swift code fully utilizing all the language's strengths.


Swift 3 for Absolute Beginners by Gary Bennett and Brad Lees


  • This book is the only one I've been able to find that truly starts from the beginning.
  • Anyone who's REALLY looking to get into programming for the first time, should get this book.
  • This book can get you up and running from zero to a published app in MONTHS.
  • Program examples in this book are easy to work through and start you off gently and step by step. I highly recommend this book for beginners.
  • I found this book invaluable in learning Swift - it helped me understand the language in a short amount of time.


Swift Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide by Matthew Mathias and John Gallagher


  • I've had this book for several months now, and it is very easy to read and understand.
  • I'm new to programming. This book is very helpful in understanding Swift.
  • By far the best introduction to the Swift programming language I have read so far.
  • Big Nerd Ranch Books always do a great job of explaining concepts in a practical way.
  • I am not a beginner in Swift language yet I found this book very helpful and thorough.
  • Excellent introduction to iOS app programming with Swift 3.


Beginning iPhone Development with Swift 3: Exploring the iOS SDK by Molly Maskrey, Kim Topley, David Mark, Fredrik Olsson, and JEFF LAMARCHE


  • Coming from a product manager's background with little knowledge of iphone Swift development -- this book has been a blessing.
  • As a technology outsider trying to learn more, this book was a great start for me!.
  • Very Impressive and useful.
  • As a beginner, I have been able to quickly build a "TO DO LIST APP" that functions rather nicely.
  • The amount of detail, thought and effort put forward in the book is apparently clear from the beginning through the end.


Swift 3 Protocol Oriented Programming - Second Edition by Jon Hoffman


  • It gives an excellent comparison of Protocol-Oriented programming to Object-Oriented programming so the reader will understand the differences.
  • All the concepts that make Protocol Oriented Programming so powerful are clearly explained.
  • This book is an excellent introduction to working with protocols in Swift.
  • The author does go into great detail to introduce protocols, protocol exceptions, error checking and value vs reference types.
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