Excel Books

Excel Books


Excel 2016 Bible 1st Edition by John Walkenbach


  • It's an excellent book for starters of excel as well as for experienced.
  • Excellent bible for excel. What more can you ask for when it covers all aspects of excel.
  • Awesome Book for Advance Excel and Excel knowledge...with perfect examples...
  • This is great book, served my purpose, very easy to learn MS Excel..!
  • Good for mastering Excel 2016. All illustrations are monochrome.
  • Nice book with lots of explanation which will guide you to expert in ms excel.


Microsoft® Excel Data Analysis and Business Modeling by Wayne L. Winston


  • Another book I needed for class. Very detailed. The pictures and plain language help me to understand the steps. Thanks
  • This book is really helping me improve my skill and knowledge of excel for business purposes.
  • Excellent! Dr. Winston is an intelligent individual whose book is very helpful for those who want to expand on their knowledge of excel.
  • Excellent book that relies on learning by doing. Examples are easily follow and allow for interactive learning. Highly recommend.
  • Very useful advanced Excel function resource book. Some things are just useful to have paper copy for.
  • It has been an excellent tool to deepen my knowledge (which are already advanced) in Excel


Slaying Excel Dragons: A Beginners Guide to Conquering Excel's Frustrations and Making Excel Fun by Mike Girvin and Bill Jelen


  • This is one of the best computer books I've ever seen.
  • It is great resource book for truly understanding Excel. I have recommended this book to several coworkers and friends.
  • Fabulous! A pleasure to work through. This is for anyone wanting a truly solid foundation in excel, from beginner right up to intermediate level.
  • The author is a genius with Excel and has a solution for most problems you can come up with.
  • Slaying Excel Dragons is highly recommended for those new to intermediate in Excel.


Excel 2003 Power Programming with VBA by John Walkenbach


  • This book is really excellent and I can HIGHLY recommend it for a user of almost any skill level.
  • The best book you can use as a reference for Excel with VBA.
  • I found the book contains a very good mix of explanation of the language concepts, immediately followed by examples that can be applied straight away to own projects.


VBA and Macros for Microsoft Excel (Business Solutions) by Bill Jelen and Tracy Syrstad


  • It really has launched my enthusiasm - I would strongly recommend it to anyone wishing to take up or improve their VBA in Excel.
  • This is one of those rare things, a technical "how to" book that actually delivers more than it claims on the cover.
  • Help me get the CBAP very good
  • A better excel book
  • The content of the book looks to be about right for all level of expertise on Excel.


Excel Hacks: 100 Industrial Strength Tips and Tools by David Hawley and Raina Hawley


  • This book is an absolutely brilliant collection of tips for things that you may never have known were possible in Excel!
  • Lots of useful things in here that make working with Excel so much easier than you'd believe.
  • This is an excellent book, I probably would use most of the fixes, some of them I didn't even think were possible.
  • This is THE book for someone with beginners or intermediate skills, not yet doing any complex macros/pivots.
  • An excellent book to have for those people who are past the intermediate stages of working in excel. It provides lots of helpful tips and tricks that you thought were never possible!


VBA and Macros for Microsoft Office Excel 2007 1st Edition by Bill Jelen and Tracy Syrstad


  • This book is full of fantastic and useful information.
  • It covers a wide range of topics and walks you into applications.
  • A book that is beyond professional level, probably very good for an expert.
  • I've really enjoyed this book. The book has been wonderful at explaining the syntax of code.
  • This book certainly helped me get started and I succeeded in doing what I wanted to do.


Professional Excel Development: The Definitive Guide to Developing Applications Using Microsoft Excel, VBA, and .NET by Rob Bovey, Dennis Wallentin, Stephen Bullen, and John Green


  • An excellent and detailed resource for Excel developers and macro enthusiasts that want to go for more advanced solutions.
  • Great book. Very insightful. I am a pretty advanced VBA programmer, but I learned much from this book.
  • This book is for serious Excel application development, it is the best book devoted to this topic I have ever read.
  • Great book! Very useful.
  • The best Excel book I have ever read

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