R Books

R Books


The R Book 1st Edition by Michael J. Crawley


  • It is an excellent resource for people trying to learn how to use R software.
  • Great desktop reference book. I used this book regularly when I was learning R. Good code examples for basic to more advanced applications.
  • I have lots of R books - this one is still the best.
  • he R book has been indispensable for us in our graduate-level statistics course.  I highly recommend it!
  • The best statistical book I've found. Recommend for anyone looking to learn statistics and R


Introductory Statistics with R (Statistics and Computing) 2nd Edition by Peter Dalgaard


  • I found this book approachable and informative from the non-professional perspective.
  • good book for my stats class
  • This is great basic introduction to statistics and the use of R.
  • This book has everything that an R user needs all the way down to a code script.  


Using R for Introductory Statistics (Chapman & Hall/CRC The R Series) 1st Edition by John Verzani


  • This book is an excellent introduction to basic statistics, not assuming a knowledge of calculus, using an intuitive "hands-on approach" using the free computer program R.
  • Great book to learn R and statistics.
  • It's a very solid introduction to using R -- including installation, configuration, and some programming -- for basic statistical work
  • This book pretty much taught me everything about beginning R
  • I used this book for a statistics class when I had no previous experience using R.
  • This book pretty much taught me everything about beginning R.


Statistics: An Introduction using R 1st Edition by Michael J. Crawley


  • Excellent book if, like me, you are a coder but not someone familiar with statistics.
  • This book is clear concise and easy to follow. I strongly recommend it.
  • Excellent Book, for new students or experienced who wants to move to R. It's easy to follow and it's very clear with concepts and scripts., Excellent!
  • Pretty helpful book for picking up R and doing the basics... Plus you get tons of exercises and sample datasets to help you practice.
  • Excellent reference book for people with basic knowledge of R!


The Art of R Programming: A Tour of Statistical Software Design 1st Edition by Norman Matloff


  • It's pretty good. I definitely like the detailed examples of codes and love the way it flows.
  • Matloff provides an excellent starting point for learning R.
  • I found this book to be pedagogically excellent with well-considered ordering and progression and a cogent conceptual presentation.
  • The book is an excellent introduction to the programming language.
  • Matloff lays an excellent foundation from the very beginning, devoting sections to each data type.
  • A GREAT introductory R programming book.
  • This is a great book if you are coming at R with some background in computer science.


Introduction to Probability and Statistics Using R by G. Jay Kerns


  • It is a good book to learn the R language from, but the material does require prior exposure to statistics.
  • Fantastic reference.
  • The book tries to teach statistics/probability and the R language at same time.
  • This is a great text.
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