XML Books

XML Books


XML in a Nutshell by Elliotte Harold and W Scott Means


  • Easy introduction to every application of XML format on the web and backend services.
  • Excellent book. Highly recommend.
  • This is an extremely valuable reference.
  • This is a great book. Not just as a quick reference, not just as a technical book, but as a book.
  • Excellent reference, although sketchy on examples (not surprising, given the title!)


Learning XML: Creating Self-Describing Data 2nd Edition by Erik T. Ray


  • This is a good XML book for those that have no previous knowledge of it.
  • A good resource for learning XML
  • A clean introduction to the topic, ideal for beginners or to people that just need an overview.
  • Perfect read for the subject!
  • A great beginner's book. I was brand new to XML and this book helped me to systematically learn it and put it into practice.
  • A must have for all web developers.


Sams Teach Yourself XML in 21 Days (3rd Edition) 3rd Edition by Steven Holzner


  • I feel that the information provided in this book is straightforward and systematic to follow.
  • The examples are easy to follow, and are broken down in an easy-to-follow manner.
  • If you want an interesting technical book geared towards delivering knowledge about XML and its purpose, I would recommend this book.
  • A great book, very thorough. Hits all the XML topics. I was very pleased.


Professional XML Schemas by John Ducket


  • This is the best XML Schema book I have read in recent days.
  • This is a nice XML Schemas book. It goes through the material thoroughly with examples.
  • The book helped me preparing for the IBM certificate for XML (IBM certified solution developer - XML and related technologies), thank you...


XML Elements of Style by Simon St. Laurent


  • This is really a good book.
  • The strength of this book is that St. Laurent really knows why things are the way they are in XML and how to use it effectively.
  • The examples are excellent.
  • I read this book cover-to-cover and enjoyed it.


XML Bible Hardcover by Elliotte Rusty Harold


  • A very good selection to add to your XML bookshelf.
  • The author leads you step by step through all the basic concepts.
  • Great first book on XML because it goes into incredible depth on all of the concepts surrounding XML.
  • One word with this product: awesome!
  • The XML BIBLE is easy to read, provides a great introduction to XML, XSL.
  • his book is great way to learn XML. It has lots of example and the author writes well.


Charles F. Goldfarb's XML Handbook (5th Edition) by Charles F. Goldfarb and Paul Prescod


  • I read the entire book and some parts of it twice. It is perhaps the most organized book that I have ever read. It starts simple and moves to the complex.
  • The fifth edition of the XML Handbook is an interesting beast all in itself. It's huge.
  • This is an overwhelming book for beginners, but is a valuable resource for anyone who is deeply involved in web services, XML and related technologies.
  • In this book you can find almost any applications of XML, including the latest development of Web services and VoiceXML. This book is very entertaining.


Strategic Xml Paperback by W. Scott Means


  • For anybody moving into (or already in the midst of) joining the XML world, I would highly recommend giving Strategic XML a read.
  • I love this book, it's not your average learn to build a CD or Book database in XML.
  • The book was written in plain enough English to give me a good general understanding of how to use XML, SOAP, Web Services etc.
  • If you want to know what a web service is, and want to see an actual example of one without an overwhelming amount of technical detail, this book is a good place to look.
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